Your mobility charger sucks

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Re: Your mobility charger sucks

Postby elryko1992 » 13 Jan 2018, 12:48

Ok thanks. I buy the charger from Germany i found new 46€ + shipping, in Italy is 51€, I waiting to see how good is.
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Re: Your mobility charger sucks

Postby Dan » 16 Jan 2018, 14:21

Just found the instruction manual for a mobility charger that came with a Salsa M2.
Model 4C24080A. The specification say its output is 8A DC, charging voltage 28.8V, floating voltage 27.6V.

Charging method, constant current two stage constant voltage. But I have noticed that it will stop charging if you leave it plugged in long enough.

It says the battery is fully charged when the green light comes on (floating charge).

How come some of these charger say do not disconnect when the charging light is orange? Or only in an emergency?
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Re: Your mobility charger sucks

Postby Burgerman » 16 Jan 2018, 14:41

Because in stead of sensing current at CV so they know when to stop, they just use a timer. So you will overcharge if you plug it back in...

Its worse than that.
First, its charging at too high volts for gel. (Ok for AGM only).
Second, it gives you the green light, as soon as it cuts off the CV stage which it does far too soon in most cases. Needs 8 hours at CV. About 14 to 16 hours total. So the green light does NOT signify that its fully charged.
Third. Only after a further 6 to 12 hours AFTER the green, allowing the float to complete the charge is it actually fully charged. 27.6 is too high for long term float. So it turns off...
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